City looking to fill vacant positions on Human Relations Commission

DECATUR--  After going through what city management called a “transition period,” the Human Relations Commission is looking for four people to fill in their four open spots.
Last month the Human Relations Commission and the Decatur City Council agreed to adjust the number of commissioners from 13 down to 9.  Assistant City Manager Billy Tyus says the move was for a number of reasons, including making it easier for the commission to meet quorum, “It will help the commission work more efficiently by allowing them to make quorum with only five people as opposed to seven.  It will also help the city from a managerial standpoint in terms of getting the work done.”
Tyus says there are no real requirements for commission volunteers, other than you have a strong desire to serve, “What we are looking for is four individuals who are passionate about helping people and have a desire to put the work in that is necessary for this commission to be a success.”
How much work that is, exactly, Tyus says is unknown.  The work that the commission does is based off of monthly complaints filed by citizens or employees of the city.  The commission does meet once per month to discuss the cases that are at hand.
The Human Relations Commission is in charge of addressing claims of unlawful discrimination within the community.  The Commission also works within the community to provide educational opportunities as it relates to fair treatment and attempts to prevent discriminatory practices through community outreach and other efforts.
Tyus says there is no specific time frame to apply, but the city would like to fill the four vacancies within the next 60 days.
If you are interested in applying for the commission you can send your resume or biographical information to mayor Mike McElroy at One Gary K. Anderson Plaza, Decatur, IL, 62523.

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