Macon County Sheriff's office warning against new phone scam

DECATUR--  The Macon County Sheriff’s Office is warning against an attempted fraud case that targeted a resident in Forsyth.
Macon County Sheriff Tom Schneider says that an anonymous caller contacted a Forsyth resident claiming to be with Readers Digest and telling the victim they had won a large cash prize.  The caller then told the person that they needed to send them several thousand dollars in order to receive the large cash prize.  The individual then received a second call from a different male claiming to be Sheriff Tom Schneider, confirming that the cash prize is real and legitimate.
The Sheriff’s office is currently investigating this call, which originated from an unknown location.
Schneider says they are identifying this phone call as a part of a larger scam and says they have received phone calls from many residents around the County claiming to be a target as well.
The Sheriff’s department says if you receive a phone call such as this, or any phone call asking for personal information or to send cash to not give out any information, hang up the phone and report the call to their office. 

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