Gollin makes push for 13th Congressional District seat

DECATUR--  The Republican primary between Rodney Davis and Erika Harold may be the one garnering all the headlines, but the Democrats running for a shot at the 13th Congressional District seat also find themselves in a close race.
University of Illinois physics professor George Gollin says he is willing to give up the lecture hall in order to fix what he sees as a broken system in Washington, “We are all obliged to strive for greater justice and fairness, I don’t think it’s a left or right thing, but we have moved pretty far away from this in recent years and I think it’s time for us to get back to doing what we know is right.”
Gollin said he was inspired to run for Congress after a policy he helped put together, and that made it illegal to distribute false medical licenses, got shot down in the House several years ago, “There was a bill that was supposed to stop the sale of fake medical degrees and I found out that it was a lot of campaign money that got used to get it trashed.  It was then I knew I had to run for office so I could help change the bad I saw in Washington more than I could if I was just a policy maker.”
Gollin says he is in favor of health care reform, even if it isn’t exactly what the Affordable Care Act has drawn up, “I think affordable healthcare is a basic human right, The United States is one of the few established countries that have failed to implement affordable healthcare and I think that needs to change.”  Gollin said his perfect system would be a single-payer system, “That way people who want to start their own businesses don’t have to choose whether or not to do so based on the cost of healthcare.”
Gollin is running in a democratic primary for the 13th district congressional seat currently held by Rodney Davis.  Gollin’s democratic primary opponents are Ann Callis, a former Madison County Judge, and David Green, a Social Policy Analyst and Peace Activist. 

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