Cross pushes for a balanced budget and government accountability as he continues his campaign for Treasurer

DECATUR--  The 2014 March Primary election is still 9 weeks away but things are already heating up, as witnessed during Thursday’s GOP candidate forum, which saw all 4 gubernatorial candidates taking shots at one another.  While Bruce Rauner, Dan Rutherford, Bill Brady, and Kirk Dillard all battle for a spot to challenge either Pat Quinn or Tio Hardiman for governorship of Illinois, another politician is also striking out on a new venture; State Representative and former House Minority Leader Tom Cross is campaigning around the state for the chance to take over as State Treasurer.
Speaking with WSOY this week, Cross said his quest to become State Treasurer has been one of the more enjoyable experiences he has ever had while running for office, “It’s just natural that people are going to look more at the governor’s office, and with four guys vying for one spot it makes for some good soundbites and some animated conversation, and rightfully so.  But being able to run for Treasurer I think has allowed me to focus all of my attention to helping fix this state; this campaign cycle has given me an opportunity to explain my ideas and have people really focus on what I’m trying to do.”
Cross began his political career in 1993 when he was first elected to the House of Representatives; he served as House Minority Leader from 2002 until August of 2013 when he announced his intention to run for the Treasurer’s office, “This time around it’s been different.  In the past I’ve been a State representative so I really could focus most of my time and attention on just one area, but this time, running for a statewide office I’m finding myself out on the road a lot by myself and really trying to get to places I haven’t spent a lot of time like Central and Southern Illinois.”
The Primary Election goes past the Governor’s race, Cross is facing a challenge from Republican Bob Grogan, who is a certified CPA and currently serves as the Dupage County Auditor, “I think competition is good, competition means that I have to work harder than my opponent and I have to put it all out ther to prove to voters that I am the best person for the job.  I think especially in a state like Illinois, that has been haunted by corruption for so long it is important that the voters have many choices and they deserve to know exactly who they are voting for.”
Cross says his number one goal as Treasurer is to clean up the corruption and fraud that has plagued the state for so long, “We don’t have a good system of checks and balances, my goal as Treasurer is to make sure that everyone in every position is held accountable for their actions..”  Cross says he plans to create a Government Integrity Unit that will oversee the state’s finances and financial transactions in an effort to stop corruption before it begins.
As for what the future holds between now and March, Cross says he just plans to continue his campaign as he has and attempt to make as many stops in towns across the state as he can before the March Primary.