Several fee increases 'okayed' by Macon County Board

DECATUR—It will soon be more expensive to get married, form a civil union, register a business, or even die here in Macon County.
Last night the Macon County Board voted to increase fees for the above mentioned licenses as well as several others, 21 in all.  Some of the biggest increases were attributed to certified business registration which jumps from $5 to $42, and the tax redemption fee, which goes from $57 to $103.
Macon County clerk Steve Bean says the jumps look so significant because due to past state laws, the county couldn’t increase fees for over a decade, “Some of the fees that have been set were around before I even got here, and the cost of doing business has increased dramatically over the last ten years.”
Bean estimates that the funds generated from the increased fees will top $100,000 in added revenue.  The revenue will go directly into the county’s general fund, which the county board uses to fund their offices.  “The board will decided throughout the year what to do with the funds, and they could have a direct impact on the people of Macon County,” Bean says.  Last year with the excess money in the general fund the county board decided to lower property taxes.
In order to calculate the extra money tacked on to the licensing and fee process the county board hired an external consulting firm, Bellwether LLC.  Bean says the county plans on using Bellwether again for more timely follow-ups.
The clerk’s fee increase will go into effect on October 1, 2013 and the recorder’s fee increase takes effect December 1, 2013.

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