9-11 brings memories back for local volunteer

DECATUR-- Today marks the 12th anniversary of the attacks on 9-11 and for many of today’s young people, the only memory they have of the events are through textbooks. 
The days and weeks following that disaster, however, are less foreign to Amy Patient, who volunteered with the Red Cross at ground zero just a few days after the attacks, “I just remember how quiet everything was.  I worked with people filling out death certificates, I worked with people planning funerals, I remember how many there were and just how quiet it was.”
Patient says she is reminded of the attacks whenever she sees a plane in the sky.
Patient says she got involved with the Red Cross due to the 9-11 Attacks and it’s caused her to volunteer in other disaster areas whether it’s with an organization or on her own, “I was watching the coverage on television that night and saw a scroll on the bottom of the screen with the Red Cross’s number and decided to give them a call.”  “That weekend I attended training here in Decatur and a couple days later I was shipped up to New York,” Patient remembers.
She says she went to Oklahoma to help out after the tornados back in the spring.
Last weekend, Ayn Owens and the VA Commission of Macon County hosted their 5th annual Cruise 11 to Remember 9-11 event.  Over 200 cars and bikes showed up.

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