City Council tables dam repairs; adds new TIF District

DECATUR-- After much discussion, the City Council decided to table a decision on whether to kill a deal with Hanson Professional Services for dam repairs. 
The council had originally planned on rejecting the bid entirely because it came in roughly 40% over what they had originally expected, but after City Manager Ryan McCrady took into consideration all of the issues the Council brought to the table, he decided to suggest tabling the decision until a later date, “it became clear to me that the Council wasn’t ready to make a decision so I decided to suggest tabling it until we can do a little bit more work on the proposals, and they (council members) agreed with me.” 
“We don’t table many things in this Council, but it’s important that my staff and I go over some of the issues and concerns that were brought up tonight and do the best we can to address them,” McCrady said.
Mayor Mike McElroy voiced his frustrations after it became apparent that the bid was going to cost nearly twice as much as they had agreed on, “I don’t see how as much of what was missed, got missed.  I understand an estimate is just that, but when you come and tell me that we have to pay almost double what was agreed upon, I’m going to take issue with that.”  McElroy said he believed tabling the issue until more work could be done on it at a later date was the right idea, crediting the cities past work with Hanson LLC, saying “they do a good job.”  
McCrady says he will continue to work with his staff and figure out what they want to do and says he plans on bringing a motion back to the city council on their July 15th meeting.

In other business...Coming in nearly 3 million dollars cheaper than originally expected, the city council unanimously approved a contract with Insituform Technologies USA to begin a wide scale sewer repair project stretching from Nelson Park, up through the intersection of Eldorado and 22nd street.  The City originally received just over 11.5 million dollars to complete the project, but after the bids came in, it was apparent that the project would only cost the city just over 8.5 million dollars.  City Manager Ryan McCrady says since the money was in the form of a loan, the city just won’t take the additional funds that they were approved for.  Construction is set to start this fall.
The City of Decatur has added its 7th TIF District after the City Council approved one that surrounds the Southside redevelopment project, an area that will house the new police station.  City Manager Ryan McCrady says the previous use of TIF districts has paid off well for the city; the last one they approved has a County Market set to be built within the limits.  McCrady says the TIF could benefit the police station by making its rent lower, but the TIF is most useful when retail businesses build within the area.  No businesses have been projected for the TIF that was approved last night.

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