Macon County to begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses next week

DECATUR--  On Monday, Macon County will become the 4th county in the state to begin issuing same sex marriage licenses to wanting couples.
Macon County Clerk Steve Bean says he was waiting on a letter from Attorney General Lisa Madigan clarifying the process, that letter was received on Tuesday, “In the letter, the Attorney General again stated that a county boundary should not stop equality to all residents, but at the same time gave the leverage to each county to wait to issue the licenses until the June 1st date that the law takes effect.”
Macon County will join with Cook, Champaign, and St. Claire County, all three of which have already begun issuing licenses.  McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael says they will begin issuing the licenses on March 24th.
Bean says the delay is more of a technological one, than a philosophical one, “We are getting the new software we need tomorrow (Thursday), and we want to make sure our entire staff knows how to use it properly before we open our doors to this, so that’s why we decided to wait until Monday.”
Bean says he isn’t sure what to expect come Monday, because despite being the first county in the state to begin issuing Civil Unions back in 2011, only 64 couples have applied for one.  “Some people won’t want to wait until June 1st, but others will because on June 1st, those couples will be able to transfer their civil unions into a marriage license, whereas if they do it immediately, they have to be remarried.”
Bean says the process will run identical to that of traditional couples wishing to be married.

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